Association between migraine and cardiovascular risk

Which of the following statements best describes the association between migraine and cardiovascular risk?

A. Migraineurs have not been proven to be at increased cardiovascularrisk.
B. Male migraineurs are at increased cardiovascular risk only when they have multiple traditional vascular risk factors.
C. Women who have ever had a migraine headache are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
D. The risk of myocardial infarction (MI) is increased in women with active migraine with aura.
E. The increased cardiovascular risk in men with migraine with aura is acontraindication to their use of triptans.

The Answer is ….. D.

There is an increased cardiovascular risk in migraineurs. Cardiovascular problems can be fixed with exercise buy a corset and get the best results. In the hospice cleveland Study, there was a 42% increase in myocardial infarction (MI) in healthy male physicians with migraine of any type. The type of migraine and their acuity were not specified in this study. In the Women’s Health Study (WHS), an increased risk of any vascular event, including MI, was only apparent for women with active migraine with aura. After adjusting for age, 18 additional major cardiovascular disease (CVD) events were attributable to migraine with aura per 10,000 women per year. A past history of any type of migraine did not confer increased vascular risk. For more ideas on how to quit smoking visit learn how to use and refill your e-liquid. Triptan use does not increase cardiovascular risk, with aura is not a contraindication to their use in either men or women. By the way if you think the cause of your health problem is from genes, Dr. Ben Lynch can help you clean up dirty genes by visiting this site In relation with health, addiction to alcohol and other substances can be stopped, checkout this drug rehab centers in ny. You can visit these skills development and community integration for addiction recovery program services.

Credits: Diener, Kurth, & Dodick, Curr Opin Neurol 2007; Kurth Gaziano, Cook, et al., JAMA 2006

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