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The english section of this medicine blog is quite empty and for a good reason. To live a healthy life you should try this ice bongs while smoking to reduce bad effects to your health, since many people take care of their health, and have emergency contacts as Expert Woundcare in case any accident happen. I didn’t had the time to put anything new here, since I’m the only english editor of this page and the time for writing articles was limited. Visit site for more details.

With the global crisis and the prices going down, I had to take care of other businesses that I had. And because of that I haven’t wrote another article here since 2012.

And as the things look. I will lot for a little while. This is just a draft in a Word document written on an evening when I needed to put my thoughts together and see what I can do next.

I haven’t even manage to come to Romania again since 2011, when I’ve had some nice aparthotel Bucharest service in downtown, with a nice view (and a lot of noise, but that wasn’t a problem). I went there to observe some fellow romanian doctors perform an interesting transplant operation. I will not get into details, but there were some interesting days in September 2011.

No ideas what to say next, what to say and to do. Hopefully I will get things done this year and free some more time to talk about internal medicine ehr software and other things here.

See you all soon! In part of this, get some useful examples of Multi channel marketing here in our website.

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